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Hi Katie, I came across your site and I was wondering if you may be related to my husband Phil catinella. We live in Michigan. We do have relatives in San Diego..
Love your Bluesette. Saw it on You Tube. Love to get a video copy that doesn't jump around. Videographer didn't go you justice.
You are really chooky!
Love your web site. Hope to see you soon in February.
Enjoy your show with John at the Sheraton on Thursday. Wonderful Cal and Donna
Hey Katie, Graham in Scotland here - found your video of 'Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered' on Youtube while researching 'Pal Joey'. How wonderful to see an intelligent, sensitive and superlative treatment of this great song. You have that rare ability - not merely to it the note and deliver all the nuances of meaning - but to deliver it with sincerity. It's a rare talent - and should bear fruit. As an amateur guitarist I'm a great fan of Jobim, Jao Gilberto and Luiz Bonfa - nice to know you are keeping the flame alive. You deserve a far wider audience and the world does need a definitive album of classic standards. Are you familiar with Martin Taylor's great jazz guitar album 'Double Standards? - you and he would make a sweet pair. Anyway - you are about 6,000 miles away - though I used to live in Del Mar a while back; I will tell my discerning friennds who still live there to try and catch your next performance. All best wishes for continuing success Graham White Coldstream Scotland
Hi Katie, we are so anxious to receive the CD. Listened to portion on internet. Jack was floored. Is that the gal who went to Malta?!! Congratulations.
Hi Katie! Nice website ,glad to see you have been Jazzsically busy. Good recordings and some fine piano. I will check back from time to time. Love Jason Awesomeargos.com
Love your web site, Katie. I am am thrilled that you are making it the the world (your world of jazz) . Thanks you for the card you sent Kit and I. Sorry to hear about you and Paul, but I think since you both are level headed that was for the best. Let Paul know if he is the the area he is welcome to vist. I am in the midst of getting quotes for my web site. My first web site designer strung me along after he moved, and so I still don't have one. The quotes have been all over the map - from $10,000 to $1500 for a web site that is basically like yours. One which I can add to and delete myself. (User friendly) May I ask what you paid for your site and who did it for you? Thanks! George 707.485.1970
I heard you perform at a jazz club in Berkley a while back. You were superb! Thanks for the great music! Let me know when your new CD is available.
You go girl! Chanteuse extra-ordinaire! Your voice is as beautiful as you are. Please keep singing. We love to hear you. Jenny Sercu
Just want to gongratulate you on your tremendous success and say what an honor it is to work with and make music with you.